Info course setters

For there to be courses that runners can run there must of course be course setters. Those who wish to set a course choose the menu choice "Add course". Now a form will appear to the right of the Google Map. There you will be able to fill in such obvious things as the name of the course-setter, name of the course, password (if you later want to change or remove the course) and so on. It is also good if a more detailed map than the Google Map is uploaded.

GPS coordinates for the posts

Ordinary course

To set a course the GPS positions of the start, posts and finish must be given (in WGS-84 format). There are different ways to get those coordinates. One way is for the course-setter to go out into the forest with a GPS watch and make waypoints where the controls will be. When the course-setter has marked the control-points the trackfile can be transfered to the computer and uploaded to the frog application. The menu choice "Add posts from track file" is chosen. For now the following formats are supported: tcx (Garmin), frwd text and gpx. In "Add course"- or "Edit course"-mode you can get GPS coordinates via mouse clicks on the Google Map-map. An information window with the coordinates for the mouse will then appear. If the current orienteering map has been added to an omgm server (check with the installer of software which omgm server that have been used. An example of omgm server can be found in this link the course setting can be done directly on Google Map because the orienteering map will be visible if "O Maps over normal map" or "O Maps over satellite map" is chosen. There is also a way for the course-setter to get the coordinates of the controls from a map that has been drawn with GPS, for example from OCAD. A description on how to do that will come later. To save the course the course-setter must of course click on "Save course". Observe that you can only remove and change courses that have not yet had any results uploaded.

Line orienteering course

You set the course as for ordinary course. One difference is that you choose in what interval you will test the runner. It can be every 25th meter och every 50th meter of the line course.

Making course not visible

If you have not yet finished course setting or you of some reason want to hide the course (for example you don't want the runners to see the course before a special orienteering event) you can make course invisible by choosing "Not ready" in the course setting-form. The course will then be greymarked in the course list.

Loops, butterflies etc.

If the course contains loops or butterflies frog will calculate all possible course combinations to pass the course. The result over the alternatives and the total result will be presented. The "loop controls" must have exactly the same coordinates.


Get GPS coordinates for start, controls and finish (go out in the terrain with a GPS, directly on Google Map (omgm: or with for example OCAD) --> Add course --> Save course

Good luck with the course setting!